Epoxy cast floor

The epoxy cast floor has been developed for industrial use and is extremely hard. This cast floor has a higher compressive strength than concrete (65N / mm²). This flooring system is designed to protect the underfloor from chemical spills of acids, oil and mechanical wear by forklifts, trans-pallets, …

Antistatic epoxy cast floor

Same resistant properties as the standard mechanical and chemical epoxy cast floor but with additional conductive properties. This system is used in places where static electricity is not permitted.

Acrylate cast flooring

This super-fast-drying flooring system has very strong chemical and mechanical properties. The entire system can be laid in 1 day and can be used 2 hours after casting the last layer.

Polyurethane cement floor

This system is designed to withstand high thermal shock and constant loads. This floor is therefore mainly used in the food industry, in wet or dry process areas, freezers and coolers.

Cement-based cast floor

The cement-based cast floor is a pumped, self-levelling, vapour-permeable cement-based flooring system that can easily be spread out.

Cleanroom cast floor

We have different types of cast floors suitable for use in the cleanroom, of which the main ones are epoxy or polyurethane bonded. Depending on the required certificates, a system will be recommended.

Paint coating system

We apply paint coatings based on polyurethane, epoxy and acrylate. This one system can be applied in one application on both floor and wall. The chosen material and the finish depend on the project.

Super flat floors

With our own specially developed system we go between cracks in the floors, levelling with up to 1mm accuracy.

Epoxy mortar floor

This system is also known as trowel flooring. This floor is seamless water vapour-permeable system that is applied with a trowel or power trowel. This system has improved mechanical strength properties with regards to epoxy flooring.

Parking cast floors

Our floor systems consisting of epoxy, polyurethane, or quick-drying acrylate have a fixed value in this sector. Several major references bear witness to our quality and workmanship.

Skirting and bumpers

For the best seamless protection of your walls or panels. The skirting boards and bumpers are fitted and finished with the same product as the flooring system. These can be obtained both in a straight and hollow elbow.

Joint repairs

We can offer you different systems for repairing all joint problems.

Elastic Roof Coatings

The seamless features of our systems combined with our professionalism and experience guarantee you the best waterproof finishes.

Concrete repairs

We have a team that specialises in concrete repairs, both indoors and out.