Comfort polyurethane cast floor

A highly elastic seamless floor covering. With the seamless finish and elastic properties comes a modern and sleek appearance, combined with convenience and durability.

Creative polyurethane cast floor

Cast floors where we combine concrete with different colours to create an artistic result according to your liking.

Design cement flooring

An unprecedented combination of natural mineral looks and beautiful seamless aesthetics. This flooring system can be placed on both walls and floors.

Budget polyurethane cast floor

A tough elastic, seamless floor covering. This cast floor has been developed as the best price-quality solution for a seamless elastic finish.

Epoxy stone carpet

A flooring system that can be laid with marble, granite or stone granules. This floor is chosen for its natural look.

Paint coating system

Due to the endless colour choice and finishing possibilities, there is really no limit to your creativity anymore.

Staircase polyurethane coating

Extend the modern floor finish to your stairways.

Staircase cement-bound coating

The natural mineral look on your stairs and walls as well.