Parking Brussels

The old concrete floor was full of cracks. Our seamless crack-bridging, quick-drying system was the best solution.


LVD in Gullegem is another satisfied customer of our flooring. In this project, we laid a seamless design cast floor…

Kitchen RVT

In almost all kitchens, a seamless epoxy flooring is the best solution for hygiene and easy maintenance.


Here, we renovated an old hotel with acoustic polyurethane (-12dB) for 120 student flats.

Kaaswinkel Hinkelspel Ghent

This well-known name is also a satisfied customer of our strong, seamless cast floors.

RVT Ruisbroek

Here we laid a seamless polyurethane floor in every room and sanitary area. This was chosen for the highly elastic…

Callebaut chocolate academy

A seamless chocolate brown floor in a beautiful sweet framework.

Royal Cemetery galleries Brussels

Ghent University

We have already completed dozens of projects with different unique flooring systems for Ghent University, ranging from a design moulding…

Honda Oostakker

At Honda, we have renovated an old concrete floor with an epoxy floor featuring different colours and lines.

Audi Brussels

At Audi Brussels, we renovated an old concrete floor with a polyurethane cast floor with a quick drying plasticizer and…

VUB Brussels

For VUB Brussels, we have renovated floors on several levels, directly on the tiles.

SVM Herentals

For the Scholen Van Morgen, we have carried out various projects (Tervuren, Ninove, Gent, Gravenwezel, Brecht, …). Due to their…